Although I am a multi-instrumentalist, I have always had an overwhelming desire to play drums. I can recall being four years old watching little Ricky perform a drum solo on I Love Lucy and thinking, “That’s what I want to do.”  Since then I have never looked back. I started taking lessons at the age of eight, did the drumline thing throughout grade school and high school and started playing in rock bands at the age of 14. I ended up studying music at SDSU and have played, toured and recorded with numerous bands throughout Southern California.

Some of my major accomplishments include – Being a top ten finalist at the 1991 Guitar Center Drum-Off finals, performing on the main stage with Spare Parts for Broken Hearts at the 2016 Music Tastes Good Festival, playing live with Kissing God on KROQ’s Love Lines, performing at SXSW with Lo-Fi Champion, performing live on KEXP with The Randies as well as live television performances with two time Latin Grammy nominee Luz Rios.

I have also had the priveledge of working with PLAG Records and Grammy Award winning producer Doug Boehm. ​

My current project is called Micro Giant and is a result of having grown frustrated with the logistics of a band. I figured that it is time to create my own sound. Micro Giant gives me the opportunity to solely write, perform, record, mix, master and distribute my own work. The first official Miro Giant track, Open up to My Tomorrow, dropped on November 9th, 2018.


New 2022 tracks are set to be released starting in May. All Micro Giant tracks are available on every major music/streaming platform worldwide!